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PRO 19" rack cases
PRO 19" mixer cases  
19" Shock-proof cases  
19" Spring system shock-proof cases
19"Compact spring frame system shock-proof cases  
19" plastic cases  
PRO 19" adjusted mixer cases  
PRO 19" compact mobile dj cases
19" Disassemble rack cases  
Pro transport cases
Pro work cases
Pro stackable cases
Compact plasma case
Pro dj cases
Euro style dj cases
Pro flight cases for moving head
Custom case see more we can do....
Mixer shelf
Cable board series
Traffic safety products
Adjustable stage
Flight case components
Aluminium cases
HYC-01 Laminated plastic covering-available colors Black/Blue/Orange/Light Grey/Dark Grey/Red
HYC-02 Egg box foam
HYC-03 Supple foam
HYC-04 Pearl foam
HYC-05 Hard foam
HYC-06 38mm38mm Heavy duty aluminium angle
HYC-07 35mmx35mm Hexvy duty aluminium angle
HYC-08 25mm25mm Hexvy duty aluminium angle
HYC-09Aluminlum hybrid for 12.5mm wood panels
HYC-10 Aluminlum hybrid for 9.5mm wood panels
HYC-11 Aluminium hybrid for 5.5mm wood panels
HYC-12 35mmx35mm aluminium angle
HYC-13 30mmx30mm aluminium angle
HYC-14 22mm22mm aluminium angle
HYC-15 Sliding aluminium hybrid
HYC-16 Recessed spring handle/large
HYC-17 Recessed spring handle/Med
HYC-18 spring handle
HYC-19 Leather handle
HYC-20 Strap handle
HYC-21 Briefcase handle
HYC-22 Butterfly latch/Large
HYC-23 Butterfly latch/Med
HYC-24 Lockable latch/Med
HYC-25 Butterfly latch/Mini
HYC-26 Lockable latch/Mini
HYC-27 Lockable draw-bolt with key/Large
HYC-28 Lockable draw-bolt with key/Mini
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